First post

This being my first post I just wanted to say that the main reason for this blogs creation was that it seemed an easy way to document my backyard gardening.
The plan is to slowly transform my backyard into a permaculture food forest. Given the small size of my lot I will not have all 5 zones and no livestock, at least not yet. However, it will consist of multiple fruit trees, various berries, perennial and annual herbs, and of course vegetables. I will also incorporate swales (ditch on contour) and hugelkultur (logs covered in soil) into the sites design.

Explanation of Swales HERE
Explanation of Hugelkultur HERE & HERE

The hugelkultur links show more mound style hugelkultur, which I will be implementing, but it doesn’t really show any hugel pits. A hugel pit is just a 1′-3′ hole that is filled with wood and other organic material up to ground level. Then you can either surround the pit with a raised bed planter, rocks, other logs, or just leave it as is. The design choices are entirely up to you.

The back-half of my yard will be the food forest section. Not sure yet if I want to have footpaths in the back half of the yard or just let it go completely wild.
My raised beds are closer to my back door for easy access. So far I have 4 raised beds in total: 2 4×4 beds, 1 4×6 bed, and 1 4×10. I plan on adding one more 4×10 but after that I will most likely be done with raised beds…my girlfriend thinks I’m crazy as it is and digging more holes to fill with old wood only adds to her argument 🙂

I don’t plan on updating this blog daily but will try to do at least 1-2 updates a week.


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  1. Michelle

    This is exactly what I need to know to start a food forest on a desert island!
    Thanks for sharing Adam – I’m inspired and have found a much needed direction.

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