Hugel Pits 2 & 3

Pics w/captions

Pit #2, all those rocks in the foreground came from that one hole. Strange creature in background is what we call our "Mooseknuckle"

Bottom of pit filled with small leaves and twigs that I gathered from around the yard. I like to add material that will quickly break down on the bottom

I used small branches from a recently trimmed oak on the side of my house.

More dirt, leaves, branches followed by more dirt. Almost ready for the 4x4 bed.

Pit #2 in background, pit #3 in foreground. That's about as deep as I can dig before I hit clay.

I dug this to a depth of about 18" and made sure to break up the clay on the bottom to aid drainage

More small to medium sized branches with leaves

More branches on top of everything else

Pit was filled with dirt and then topped with a bunch of leaves

Both hugel pits almost done, just need a bit more soil

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