First swale

Swales are ditches dug on contour with the removed dirt placed on the downside slope of the ditch to form a berm. Water will get caught in the ditch and slowly soak into the ground. All sorts of plants can be planted on/in the berm to help hold the soil together and to benefit from excess moisture.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to include more swales into the landscape as I wasn’t sure how well they would work with my soil. So far it looks like a success. Time to start mapping out my other swales.



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2 responses to “First swale

  1. How did you accurately measure contours? Did you just eyeball it?

  2. Jamie

    I’ve been looking for examples of residential permaculture applications tonight and this looks amazing! Any chance we could see what’s up in 2017? I hope you are well! 😊

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