Blueberry Patch

I’ve always enjoyed blueberries in pancakes and cereal so why not try to grow some myself.  When I used to visit my grandparents in Michigan during the summers of my youth, we used to pick blueberries with 5 gallon buckets. I miss those days.

I recently purchased 3 blueberry plants from Burnt Ridge Nursery: Sharpblue, Emerald, & Misty. These varieties are supposed to do well in the South…I hope it’s true.

Blueberries need lots of organic matter and acidic soil so I had to amend my clay soil and build a blueberry mound. I mixed 50% peat moss with 25% compost and 25% native top soil. In hindsight, I probably shouldn’t have mixed the native top soil in but it’s too late now.



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