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Salad box

One aspect of permaculture I really respect is the reuse of old discarded items. After a quick trip up to the attic to search for a few things I found this old metal table frame. It used to have a thick piece of glass that overlaid it but the glass broke and rather than pay for new glass or throw it away, I thought it might make a good base for a salad box.

Metal frame

Not wanting to spend any money on this little experiment I rummaged through my scrap wood and realized I had enough old boards and what not to complete this project. First thing was to build a base around the top of the table and add some support. Next I stapled some chicken wire to the base for some added support.

Next came building the walls of the salad box. I wanted about a third of it to be taller than the rest of it in case I wanted to plant something with slightly deeper roots.

Lastly, I wanted to cover the box with black sheeting to help absorb heat in the winter and cover up the construction work.

The black plastic was pulled tight, stapled, and the remaining material was trimmed off.
If given the chance to do it again I would probably just make the box a uniform size. Oh well! If you’re not experimenting with your gardening your not doing it right.


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